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Goddess of Spirit Prints


Goddess of Spirit Prints


Angel Story

My spirit guides informed me to hike the Cascade Head Trail north of Lincoln City on the Oregon coast September, 2008. When I first received their message, I listened and did nothing. It didn't feel like it was the right time to go hiking. However, a few weeks later, I got the message again. So one night after working at The Crystal Wizard, I was prepared to walk the trail, having previously packed jeans and hiking shoes in the trunk of my car, Belle. The rain started before I left the shop and continued unabated as I reached the north end of Lincoln City, Oregon. Knowing it wasn't the day for me to make the hike, I headed home.

A few more weeks went by. Then a friend told me he had received a message from his guides; to take a hike through woods and across a river. His guides had not yet revealed the location to him. I told him about my message to hike the Cascade Head Trail. He said he had hiked there before and it had streams across the trail. Plus part of the trail was in the woods. We set a date to hike together. I ended up working the first part of that particular day, so we had a late start. I was guided to take my camera, something I rarely do. It takes two and a half hours to get to reach the Oregon coast from Portland, Oregon. We leisurely drove along, stopping in Newberg, Oregon, for an early dinner at a small cafe serving organic food. The ladies helping us at the counter were both named Crystal. I had to smile, knowing that I use crystals all day long in my healing practice. It was interesting to have them both wait on us.

After arriving at the coast, we started our hike up the Cascade Head Trail. The fresh ocean breeze felt and smelled blissful! The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly as we journeyed through the woods accompanied by with the woodland fairies and spirits. As we hiked up the trail to the first bluff over-looking the ocean, I was guided to turn left and go down a small trail which led closer to the ocean. My friend saw a sign that said the trail was closed. However I saw no sign and explained to him that I was being spiritually guided to head further in that same direction. So we did. Then a short distance further down the trail we came upon a posted sign. Here the trail ended. After taking a short break, I received a spiritual message to resume hiking back up the trail. My friend questioned my intuitive guidance. However he was still willing to accept following it. Approximately 100 feet further up the trail a mother deer and her two babies emerged from below the cliff directly in front of us. What a beautiful gift that was from Spirit! I enjoyed telepathically communing with them. Twenty minutes later I was once again guided to stop. My friend looked curiously at me, shrugged his shoulders as he sat with me to watch the sun set. I took a few pictures of the setting sun. As I did I noticed that the rays of the setting sun were stretching closer and closer to the ocean shore line in front of us. With each click of the camera we saw the sun's reflection create the picture of a beautiful Angel on the water surface. A few seconds after that the Angel became a side profile of a Guru with hands in prayer position.

How blessed we are; neither of us had asked why we were suppose to hike the Cascade Head Trail. So we had no expectations before hand. Along with no time restraints, we also knew we were on a journey of discovery. When the sun set it was time to head back down the trail. Now we were in the dark with no flash light! My friend hesitated to walk back along the dark wooded section of the trail. As the trail emerged into a field we encountered three deer. I felt they were a sign for safe passage through the woods. I knew we would be safe with the stars and moonlight to light our way. We never tripped over the huge tree roots of the beautiful old trees. Before we knew it we were back on the road leading to the parking lot. I felt one with the Universe and Mother Earth. My heart was euphoric from the experience!
Printed on museum art paper.


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