Goddess of Spirit

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Bath Salts

Stone inside: White Jade
Trinket: Isis
Color: White
Dead Sea Salt

Stone inside: Ametrine
Trinket: Meditating Goddess
Color: Purple
Dead Sea Salt

Stone inside: Iolite
Trinket: Eye of RA
Color: Indigo
Dead Sea Salt

Stone inside: Angelite
Trinket: Cleopatra
Color: Blue
Himalayan Salt

Stone inside: Ruby Zoisite
Trinket: Luna Goddess
Color: Green
Himalayan Salt

Stone inside: Rutilated Quartz
Trinket: Ahnk
Color: Yellow
Himalayan Salt

Stone inside: Bronzite
Trinket: African Goddess
Color: Orange
Utah Red Salt

Stone inside: Andalusite
Trinket: Snake Goddess
Color: Red
Utah Red Salt

Bath Salts are handcrafted, all natural unscented salts from the earth with a dash of Epson salt.
Each bag contains shell scoop and stone from Mother Earth
and makes approximately 5 to 6 baths.
Add matching oil from our oil line to heighten your bathing experience.
They are safe when used as directed, not for human consumption. 16oz bag.

(Fragrance free – Add matching oil for fragrance)

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