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We have many stories to tell
Each one of them from living here on Earth
We have all walked here in others forms
We come now to remind us all how precious our Earth is
We believe it is time to stop stripping our Earth of all her natural Beauty
It is time to remember to be grateful for what Earth gives us
Returning what we no longer are using back into healthy land
So our Earth can continue to Thrive and provide for us.

Years Gone By

You cross my mine 
From time to time
I wonder where you are
If you are happy

I remember your smile
Your touch
Your innocences

Every time you cross my mind 
my heart feels
The connection I felt 
All those Years ago

Imagine my surprise 
Seeing you after all these years

My heart on awe 
Of what you remember 
I blush
I never knew

So afraid back then
To let anyone really in
I kept telling myself you
Were just a fling

Now I wonder
If that was true
What could we have been
If I had been free to let 
You fully in my heart

I know
We did the right thing

Now I ask 
Why after years hone by
Did you seek me out
And am I what you expected?


It is time to feel.
Feel fully.
And be supported.
Time to purge the past.
Just like a belly
that's too full & wants to
be emptied.
Time to dance with the Mother
in all her forms.
I'm ready.
Thank you for this healing.
It is time to feel fully.
Time to be vulnerable
and comforted.
Time to be the Maiden and the Crone.
It's a time of trust.
"Trust in me" she says.
I'm ready.
Fully trusting, completely vulnerable.
Letting the emotions flow freely.
While being supported,
& safe.
I'm feeling fully.
Flowing like a river.
Being the Bay,
connected to the Ocean.
Always self-healing,
Vast and open.
I feel fully.
I am love.
I am gratitude.
I am healed.
Feeling fully.
Thank you.

Tamberlie Lombard


How blessed I am to have 
Friends like you

So many times in the past
I had people I called friends

They judged me
Criticized me
Corrected me
Told me everything 
That was wrong with me
From their perspective 
Always in my best interest

Real friends
Free of judgment
Accepting me for who I am
Loving me with all my infractions

Believing in me
When I lost hope
Sharing with me when
I thought I lost my light

Shining their light
Reminding me how to shine 
Mine again

How blessed I am 
To have friends 
Like you


Do you know how
wonderful I feel
after saying Good-bye
to you
and really meaning it?

The daunting weight
of your words
your lies off my chest
and free from my heart

If I would of only
imagined half of what
I feel now
how beautiful and free
I feel

I would of said
Good-bye years ago



Please let me go
My days of believing
In you are gone

Please understand
I will always love you
Just love you differently

I am so ready
For someone who
Speaks the truth
Walks his words

Someone who knows
How to really love
Me for who I am

Please accept our love
For what it was
You taking
Me giving

I ask this one time
For you to do this for me
Please let me go
Wish me well

I let you go
Along time ago
It is now that
I finally got the
Strength to walk away

Please know I am grateful
For the gift you gave me
By only loving yourself

For me to grow
And love myself
Enough to walk away
From a one-sided
Love affair

Pounds of Unconsciousness

A pound of anger
A pound of shame
A pound of deception and a pound of blame

Two pounds for judgements
Two for regrets
Two for sadness
And two for upsets

Three for birthdays three for
And three
For all the good an plenties
I ate
In between

Four for lollipops
Four for gum
And four for the lemonade
I mixed with my rum

Another for tears
Another for fears
And another for the battles
I've survived all these years

Put them together
And what do you got?

A very mixed up girl who
Eats quite a lot

Add an intention.
Add a goal.
An add a skill.
And put them in a bowl.

Stir very slowly

Round and round

And before you know it

It's consciousness I've found.

Brenda Citron


Do I believe in you
Or do I believe in myself

Do I believe your words
Or do I believe your actions

My heart fights with my head
The past with the present

The stories
The lies
Once again on going
Will it ever end

So insistent
With me believing you
Yet, once again your
Behavior shows me another picture

Which should I believe
Your words or you actions

Tonight I believe in myself

Birds and Bees

How can it be
that a girl like me
Is single and free
at 23

Can it be
that my love for thee
has kept me waiting
over and over for thee

33 I kick up my heels
paint the town red
a town full of flea's
I retreat into me

Here I am at 43
honor and respect
my chosen view
somehow men still
busy bees
chasing my virginity

What will happen at 53?

The Dance Floor

Here we are again
meeting on the dance floor

How many life times
will we do our dance?
the touch
the movement
the two of us
slowly stepping gracefully
into and out of
each others lives

It seems whenever we meet
one of us is dancing with

We pause
remembering who we were
eyes lingering
hearts embracing

we move on


I ask myself why
why do you say
all the right words

Words that reach deep
into the depths of my soul

Words that lack action
Why do I believe you?

Knowing who you are
why do I still long for you?

Knowing how your lies hurt me
Why do you still lie?

Your lies to painful to
believe anymore
Our love based on lies

Why do we worry
What is all the stress about
Does it really help us or
The ones we love to worry 
So much

Do we really believe
Worry changes the out come
Of any situation

How much energy do we 
Use up by worrying so much

What if we went into our hearts
And gave thanks for the
Best outcome
Whatever that may be

Believing and having faith
That it is what is best
For all involved....... 
Even if it causes 
Pain and sorrow
Maybe even unto ourselves 

To believe in our heart
That wonderful healing will
Be the outcome
For all involved

I see more powerful then
To spend my time worrying

The promise

I promise
Please trust me
Believe me when I say....

Your eyes filled with
Intense sorrow
OverFlowing into your aura
Your heart exposed....

In this moment
I truly desire to believe you
Everything in my heart
Screams for me to trust you

Then you walk away
And the same old story
Comes flooding back to me

Do you even realize
How many promises you
Have made to me
Over the years?

promises broken

How many more empty promises
Will you make
Employing me to believe
In you

Do you realize the pain
The heartbreak created
By your empty promises?

I Do.......

Miss Madison

Bright, beautiful Spirit
Shining your love upon all
Who walk with you

Giving so freely
Unconditionally your heart
We can all learn from thee

Breathe in your light
For yourself now
Spread your wings
Full and wide

Let your heart fill with
All the love from us mere
Mortals who have received
Your love

We breathe as one
With you
Now and always
Know our hearts are
Filled with joy for
Having been blessed to
Walk with you

Fly, fly freely
Flap your wings and fly
Releasing the form which
Holds your Spirit

We Love You

I know not who I am
for i am not who i seem.
For to know me by name
or to know me by face
is not to know Me at all.

i know not who I am
for i am no one and
I am everyone,
which are the same
and not the same.

I know not who I am
for i need not know.
For to know Myself
Would be a distraction
for the journey i am on.

i know not who I am
for one cannot know
the true self.
But searching for the true self
will always be the goal.

i know not who I am
for I am a work in progress.
And when I am finished
I will be no more
for the journey was the goal.

Mark V.
Inspired by the poem Bullah Ki Janna
by Bulleh Shah (1680 to 1758).

I Breathe

For the first time
I breathe without you
My heart fills with
love for myself

I am proud of myself
for letting go of you

I fill my garden with flowers
that make me smile
that make me happy
flowers that make my
heart sing

I Breathe
for I am filled with gratitude
I have found myself again
My heart light
and full of joy

Spring blooms with
the smell of life reborn
the flowers
colorful and succulent
Life blooming everywhere

New beginnings for myself
I rejoice

The Fool

The fool I am
forever stepping off the cliff
always believing every
word you say

The fool
How can this be?
how many more times
will I believe thee?

The fool
rushing in with my heart
patience lost
heart ever longing
for your touch
your lips
your body
your love
to make me complete

The fool
boundaries be gone
heart ripped open
I make a fool of myself
believing in you

Your power so strong
my love for you entangled
I forgive myself for the pain
I caused myself
when I believed in you
instead of myself
The fool I am

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